Abstract for: Hydro Pumped Storage Dynamics

Hydro pumped storage schemes cycle water between two dams situated at an elevation from each other, while generating power through a reversible turbine-pump when water is allowed to flow but consuming power when pumping. This hydro pumped storage system is a net energy consumer requiring more energy to pump than it provides while generating. The amount of water available in the dams influences the amount of power that can be generated. The work conducted in this paper is the development of the hydro pumped storage dynamics simulator using the system dynamics approach. The three pumped storage schemes have unique operating parameters (such as capacity factors, cycle efficiencies, head, etc.) and have been explicitly modelled in the current work. The scenarios that can be generated include the variation of dam levels for Drakensberg, Palmiet and Ingula pumped storage schemes with the change in electricity demand. The levelised cost of electricity for each of the pumped storage schemes is evaluated with changing capacity factors as well as impacts of modifications to the existing hydro pumped storage infrastructure. The other scenario that can be generated based on the model structures above is the impact of operating all pump/turbine units on the dam levels and the energy sent out.