Abstract for: Renewable Energy Policy Evaluation Using A System Dynamics Approach: The Case of Oman

Oman is as richly endowed with renewable energy sources as it is with hydrocarbons. Over the last decade, the country has been experiencing a gradual shift towards exploring renewable energy resources as a driving force for diversifying the national economy away from fossil fuels. Both public and private sectors have implemented a number of pilot projects for promoting RETs in Oman. The lessons gained from different demonstration of RET projects reveal that with a careful forward planning, renewable energy can provide far-reaching economic, environmental and social benefits to Omani people. This paper presents the progress of a current study being undertaken to quantify these benefits by exploring the impact of a large-scale renewable energy development in Oman on the three domains of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. The analysis in this paper is informed by system dynamics approach that allows providing a systemic account for the impacts of renewable energy development in Oman. This paper seeks to support the national policy makers in their on-going attempts to integrate RETs in Omani power sector through national planning and policies.