Abstract for: Getting to Know AnyLogic - Agent-Based and Multi-Method modeling in AnyLogic

AnyLogic is the only simulation tool that supports Discrete Event, Agent Based, and System Dynamics Simulation providing solutions to complex challenges. One of the three modeling solutions is the System Dynamics approach. This method assumes high abstraction level and is primarily used for strategic level problem. Modeling is based on abstraction, simplification, quantification, and analysis. Both system dynamics and discrete event modeling apply systemlevel (top-down) view, while agent based approach is a bottom-up one. Other features: Using OptQuest optimizer Saving and restoring the model state Saving the experiment data Exporting and using libraries Exporting the model Embedding AnyLogic models into your software AnyLogic 6 gives you the ability to combine all three methods of modeling giving you extreme flexibility to solve complex business challenges.