Abstract for: Economics Chapter Annual Meeting

The Economics Chapter annual meetings are dedicated to welcoming new members, discussing the past year's events and the coming year's themes, and to appointing the members of the executive committee. At the St. Gallen conference, discussion centered on changes in the structure of the Chapter’s executives, the role of System Dynamics in economics, and ways to reinforce this role. This year the proposed agenda covers: 1. Introduction of new members and catching up with current members. 2. Conduction of the AGM, reflection on the executive structure decided upon last year, appointments. 3. Report on and discussion of the two book projects initiated last year (reference book “Feedback economics” and economics textbook using SD). 4. Teaching issues related to economics and SD. 5. Frank Fisher Award. These are really important issues, and there is a lot to do. We look forward to seeing you all in Cambridge in July!