Abstract for: Marketing Effectiveness Improvement Analysis Based on System Dynamics Model

Marketing activities always have been thought to be crucial in the present life and the future survival of the companies and sometimes impose greatest cost on them. Therefore, the investigation upon measuring the effectiveness of these activities is an inevitable fact. Regarding the constant and complex relationships between each of the measures that affect marketing effectiveness, a methodology of evaluating that cannot cope with these sophisticated interactions would not be useful. This paper primarily tempts to establish a system dynamic model of marketing effectiveness that could explain the interactions between factors that effect on marketing effectiveness by causal loop diagram and then, presets several executable scenarios to improve marketing effectiveness. The metrics that have been investigated in this Study are totally applicative and comprehensive which can evaluate marketing effectiveness in various industries. The metrics of the research were generated from 75 marketing executives in the industrial units of East Azerbaijan, one of the most important industrial zones in terms of the number of manufacturing companies in Iran, and an expert panel as well. Results of this study clarify that applying intensive strategies and improving relationships with customers would lead to optimize marketing effectiveness of a company.