Abstract for: Drug addiction rate and the state roles in decreasing addiction rate in Iran society; System dynamics approach

This paper mainly discusses the addiction and management of this social disorder in Iran. Multitude factors create this socio-economical problem; however, we have concentrated on the demand prevention factors which are the major causes of addiction. We have studied UNODC policies about drug addiction and UNODCís preventive programs instead of punishment (UNODC, 2010). Also we reviewed the programs of Iranian drug control headquarters. Thus, we considered some important organizations and estimate their effect on addiction prevention. Our preventive tools are to increase the public awareness about drug abuse as well as diminish the engagement with drug consumers. Therefore, we have built a system dynamics model to investigate the interconnected structure of these preventive tools. We aim to indicate the ongoing status of addiction and then analyze the behavior of the system by assuming the state roles in long-term horizon.