Abstract for: Dynamic Modelling of User Satisfaction: the Case of the Bangkok Mass Transit System

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme is a key approach in the Public-Private Partnership transportation infrastructure development concept. The private sector obtains concession to develop public infrastructure projects on behalf of the government to build and operate projects and transfer back to the governments at a pre-specified date. The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) SkyTrain is being operated by the BTS Company Limited under an agreement with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Due to the commercial nature, user satisfaction is a major cause for concern. In order to assess the levels of user satisfaction, it is essential to study the user benefits and gauge their levels of satisfaction. The focus of this paper is on the performance of the project during the operation stage and the implications for management. It is proposed to use System Dynamics modelling and simulation to explore the problem of user satisfaction. This research considers ways in which the satisfaction levels of users may be enhanced. Data were collected through questionnaire surveys and interviews to derive causal loop diagram to be translated into stock and flow diagrams for the simulation. The model will be tested rigorously before being deployed for policy experimentation on user satisfaction.