Abstract for: Pitfalls of Multi Method Modelling: Concepts and Comparisons

System Dynamics is one of a variety of modelling techniques developed to investigate the behaviour of systems. When different modelling techniques meet, either in theory or in practice it is common to compare them. Moreover some recent studies have compared approaches in order to choose between them or as a basis to combine them into a multi-method model. However, comparisons between methods can be problematic . Different modelling systems have different underlying principles and it is important to recognise these in order to avoid the unsafe translation of ideas and prejudices from one system to another. Even systems which are apparently equivalent may differ in important respects. This paper highlights some of the problems in this area which may be regarded as pitfalls for those seeking a multi method point of view. Problems with comparing system dynamic models and analytical differential equation models are examined. Role and concept of randomness as applied in different systems of modelling is explored. The potential for misunderstandings is further underlined by examining a few unguarded examples from the established literature.