Abstract for: Modeling the Dynamics of Methylmercury Biomagnification

Methylmercury (MeHg), which is a heavy metal, accumulates in the body of species through consumption of food including MeHg or through absorption (absorption of MeHg from water by zooplanktons). The concentration of MeHg in the body of the species in the higher level of food chain is higher than the ones in the lower level. This increase in the level of concentration is called biomagnification. In this study, a dynamic simulation model is constructed to study the biomagnification of MeHg in zooplanktons, small fish (Atlantic mackerel), big fish (Bluefin tuna) and Human. The data is taken from studies held in the Mediterranean Sea. The model successfully replicates the real life situation. There are two essential findings. First, the concentration in humans significantly increases by eating higher amount of tuna per week. Second, the concentration in water immediately affects the concentration in the body of each species in the food chain. Key words: MeHg concentration, biomagnification, dynamics of food chain