Abstract for: Business SIG Annual Meeting

The purpose of the Business Special Interest Group (SIG) of the System Dynamics Society is to promote and support the wider adoption of System Dynamics methodology and best practices in businesses and provide communication channels for recognizing the achievements of System Dynamics practitioners across all business sectors. Among the specific goals of the SIG are (a) facilitating wider networking of System Dynamics practitioners in businesses, (b) raising awareness of System Dynamics, its methodology and achievements, and areas of application among prospective practitioners, business unit leaders, and senior executives, (c) supporting the expansion of the Case Repository and its accessibility through the Society web site, (d) increasing awareness of educational resources and short-term training opportunities for business practitioners, (e) facilitating improved awareness and access to System Dynamics modelling resources and best practices for a broader base of business practitioners, and (e) identifying candidates for awards such as the Application Award and promoting such awards to businesses. The roundtable of the Business SIG will focus on exchanging ideas related to the focus of the Business SIG and on announcements of SIG activities and plans. For additional information please contact Fred Kautz (fkautz@brg-expert.com), Kim Warren (kim@strategydynamics.com), or Bob Eberlein (bob@astuteSD.com).