Abstract for: Muwait: a system dynamics model for municipal waste management in Italy

This paper deals with the management of municipal waste in Italy. The main purpose of the research is to carry out some scenario and sensitivity analysis. In order to achieve this goal, a system dynamic model was built: Muwait (MUnicipal WAste management in ITaly). The model is able to simulate technical aspects as well as revenues and costs associated with waste disposal and potential energy savings which could be generated by waste. The model considers also investment policies through which policy-makers could encourage recycling. In particular, three main policies, characterised by different level of investment, were considered: Business As Usual, Medium Intensity Policy and High Intensity Policy. Policies of deterrence, which could implemented by policy- makers through the imposition of sanction, as well Nimby effects and technological breakthroughs, were also considered. The main result of the study is that the differentiated waste collection represents the most efficient method of waste disposal and high levels of investment in separate collection can give rise to large returns in efficiency.