Abstract for: Critical Issues for Organizational Growth and Success: A Systems Thinking View using Feedback Loop Analysis

In the current knowledge era, organizations are facing tough competition due to the highly uncertain environment. The technological development and change in organizational mindset from traditional resource and asset based to knowledge base thinking further acts as a catalyst for this kind of uncertainty. The future of the organization depends on the extent of organizational knowledge and its ability to use the knowledge for practical purpose. Learning, innovation, flexibility, change process are some of the critical issues which decide the competitiveness of the organization. This study focused on some of the critical issues for organizational long-term growth and success. The study is basically based on the caselets study of about 12 organizations which are discussed with a systems thinking view. Casual loop analysis has been done to summarize the caselets. An innovative idea of interpretive logic explanation of the links, has been done as add on to the casual loop methodology. Keywords: change, learning, innovation, knowledge management, organization culture, top management support