Abstract for: Exploration of the Effects of Open Innovation Policies on National Innovation Systems through System Dynamics Simulation: Apply

Nowadays, the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation and to expand the markets for external use of innovation has become essential in business strategies and national policies. In addition, the importance of knowledge and technology diffusion requires better understanding of knowledge networks and “national innovation systems”. We want to answer this research question: What kinds of effect will occur in national innovation systems (NISs) if different levels of open innovation policies are introduced into the NISs? According to literature review, perfect open innovation policies should have three aspects altogether, such as knowledge and technology production, distribution, and consumption. We build up a causal loop diagram and a system dynamics model for simulating the effects of open innovation policies on the NISs and apply the results to Cambodia Case to build up a Cambodian Science and Technology Master Plan.