Abstract for: Construction of a Dynamic Model for Evolution of Korea Mobile Industry Ecosystem by System Dynamics

The structure of single-lined value chain in the mobile industry is attempting a change to an open ecosystem along with expansion of smart phone markets. As the traditional appearance of telecommunication markets is collapsed, portals and terminal manufacturers dominating contents, platforms and market places have come emerged in the front, and the emergence of an open market has invigorated developers' participation in the market and resulted in rapid reorganization centered around the developers of content and service markets. Under these circumstances, the present study will construct as a dynamic model the changes in a value chain resulting from ecosystem evolution of the mobile industry, derive detailed indices for value chain ingredients that evaluate and compose this for future simulations and suggest a dynamic model that can investigate relationships between these indices. Specifically, a model to predict respective future results and changes per composing unit of a value chain for mobile industry, in which process system dynamics were used.