Abstract for: Diabetes Learning Lab in Stella 10

In this activity, the body reaction in the intake of food will be simulated: Food amount; type of food; when the intake of food took place; how fast the digestion occurs; reaction time of the pancreas; the connection between the blood glucose concentration and the insulin production. The content will also cover the subject between the coordinated and harmonious functioning of the pancreas (which secretes insulin), the liver, and the body's cells (insulin receivers). The Homeostasis: Process that regulates the blood concentration. Together we’ll discover the cause-effects cycles that characterize the problem and how they become an important part of the solution. This article will span the effect of pancreas’ insulin production in diabetes type I, as well as the cells’ glucose uptake and their rejection to insulin, all this with the intention of visualizing how it breaks into the cause-effect cycles that regulates the blood glucose concentration in the body, triggering the imbalance in health.