Abstract for: Systems Thinking to Understand a Knowledge-producing Triple Helix Innovation Process

A triple helix of knowledge-producing spheres consisting of universities, industries, and government research institutes has recently been proposed to analyse an R&D-driven innovation ecosystem. This paper aims to theoretically expand a typical triple helix model using a system-based approach. By employing causal loop diagrams, we discuss how a triple helix innovation process operates. Our proposed causal loop diagram provides lessons in the process of innovation policymaking by interpreting causality and understanding different time lags for short- and long-term achievements in a knowledge-producing triple helix innovation context. In addition, this study illustrates diverse and complex scenarios (caused by a systemís dynamics) that facilitate the implementation of preventive policy measures which may avoid the counterintuitive difficulties faced by triple helix stakeholders. Based on our high-level model, we close this paper with novel avenues for qualitative and quantitative research related to triple helix dynamics analysis.