Abstract for: Learning objectives for successive development stages of system dynamics competency

The system dynamics field has a need for defining what one needs to know and capable of doing to ne a system dynamicist. This paper builds on previous steps taken in order to elaborate a shared definition; it adopts the methodological orientation of stage-wise competency development from beginner to competent. It also uses Bloom’s taxonomy – a widely accepted reference framework – to articulate an organized set of learning objectives. A Delphi process has been designed to exploit the knowledge and experience of a set of system dynamics experts use their contribution to obtain a clear statement concerning the learning objectives for beginners, advanced beginners, competent and proficient (practitioner). The resulting ordered and classified set of learning objectives is a necessary, though not sufficient, step towards a shared standard for system dynamics instruction and training. Building on it, standard activities and materials, as well as certification devices can be designed and developed.