Abstract for: From the Archives: Models That Matter: Selected Writings on System Dynamics 1985-2010

This poster provides an overview of my recently published book, with excerpts in the form of text, diagrams, and simulation results. The 16 articles reprinted in the book reflect my work in SD modeling over a 25-year period, from the mid-to-late 1980s when I was a young professor, followed by the 1990s when I consulted primarily to large companies, and then the 2000s when I have consulted primarily to public organizations on questions of health policy. The selected papers span topics in management and operations, psychology, medical sociology, microbiology, disease and drug abuse epidemiology, and health policy. Some offer ideas on methodology and how the field of SD may best move forward, asking how we can be rigorous, how we can be useful, and how we can do both within the real-world pressures of time and budget. Citation: Homer JB. Models That Matter: Selected Writings on System Dynamics 1985-2010. Grapeseed Press: Barrytown NY; 2012.