Abstract for: Applying System dynamics to simulate Iranís engineering post graduates employment status

Iranís universities have been used to enroll students with out considering marketís capacity for university graduates. A fact which has led to problems such as lack of experts in some fields, under employment and unemployment in many others. While, forecasting marketís capacity for university graduates and enrolling students based on the predicted capacity is the best way to hinder such problems. In this paper, we aimed to apply System dynamics to forecast capacity of Iranís market for engineering post graduates from one side and number of engineering post graduates from the other side to make it possible to predict post graduatesí employment status in countryís near future. The results show that there will be ample job opportunities for phd graduates such that they will not face unemployment or under employment in upcoming years. Phd students will have a good occupational status in near future while master studentsí employment status will aggravate in onward years such that most master graduates will be relegated to jobs requiring less knowledgeable workers such as careers that require a bachelorís degree or non degree jobs.