Abstract for: Exploring Ideas for Broadening Access to System Dynamics Learning: MOOCs and more

The goal of this structured brainstorming session is to develop concrete objectives for promoting system dynamics learning outside of and complementary to formal academic training. Online technology provides opportunities for broadening access to SD learning. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are one approach for reaching a wide audience. Other ideas include a web clearinghouse for high-quality, modularized, resources that can stand alone, and could be assembled into short or long courses. These could be used by SD academics in traditional courses, as building blocks for a MOOC, by individuals who want to teach themselves, as part of short courses, as introductions or foundations for group modeling exercises, and so on. There are many questions that need to be answered about developing widely accessible, high quality system dynamics teaching materials, beginning with whether this should be a Society-wide or Society-sanctioned initiative, how we might secure grants or other funding to develop resources, how to ensure appropriate rigor and quality of “learning objects”, and how to use the experience of others who have done similar things in other fields. Please join us for this Society-wide discussion.