Abstract for: Developing "System Dynamics-based" Flexible Strategy Game-card: Exploring Performance of the Indian Telecom Service Providers

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world and witnessed a telecommunication revolution in the last two decades. In the recent time, the Indian telecom industry is experiencing a major transformation with stagnating revenues, declining ARPU’s, and stiff competition, which is overall impacting its performance. The present study seeks to explore the future growth perspectives for telecom service providers by identifying other revenue options and their impact on performance. The integration of system dynamics methodology with a recent developed performance management framework helps to bring the issue further in a case context by developing a system dynamics based performance management model portraying the impact of data based services on the performance with the help of many scenarios. STELLA 10.0 software package has been used for model and scenario developments. The study proves the integration of system dynamics methodology improves the holistic understanding of telecom operating system showcasing the integration of subscribers’ view and data based services create the future of telecom service industry in this transforming business environment.