Abstract for: Rapid Modeling and Teaching with Sysdea Online System Dynamics Software

Modern modeling software packages have made system dynamics understandable to many people, but two challenges remain. First, how to make the actual building of models accessible to new-comers? Secondly, how to build robust models fast enough with teams to solve their challenges in real-time? Sysdea deals with both of these challenges by adopting a few basic principles. Every object in the model displays its behaviour over time. That behaviour is displayed immediately, with every model change, with no need to 'Run' the model. Every item carries both "simulated" and "entered" values to compare modeled performance with actual or forecast results. This workshop will use a hands-on demonstration to show how these principles make it possible to build robust models in a fraction of the time needed to do the same in other packages. This speed is enhanced by the intuitive modeling and command methods, and the sharing of online models.