Abstract for: Dana Meadows Award Announcement

The Dana Meadows Award was established in 2001 to honor the late Dana Meadows and encourage the next generation of students in the field of system dynamics. The award is given annually for the best paper by a student presented at the annual System Dynamics Conference. Students can self-nominate any manuscript that they have submitted as sole author, or co-author, for inclusion in the conference. The winner receives a cash award, a conference registration and an allowance for travel expenses. Be sure to read the detailed expectations and conditions that Award-worthy papers must meet. The Society awarded its 2013 Dana Meadows Award to Sebastian Villa Betancur from the University of Lugano for his paper (co-authored by Paulo Goncalves and Santiago Arango) Exploring Retailer’s Ordering Decisions Under Delays. The 2013 Honorable Mention recipient was Rodney James Scott from the University of Queensland for his paper (co-authored by Robert Cavana and Donald Cameron) Evaluating long-term impact of qualitative system dynamics workshops on participant mental models. The award was presented by John Morecroft.