Abstract for: When your goals do not address your concerns: Lessons learned from a mediated model to support regional planning in Wellington

Regional planning processes are often based on inconsistent views among involved stakeholders on (1) what the problems or concerns are for the region, (2) what the visions or goals are for the region, and (3) what the scope for a regional plan should be. Such plans will lack commitment when implemented and might fail to address the “real” concerns of the region. It might create additional problems when implemented. To avoid such undesired outcomes, this paper illustrates how mediated modeling, and more specifically a model emerging from such a process, can contribute consistency to views, goals and scope of regional planning. Based on a case study in the Wellington region, this paper illustrates how a mediated model helps to identify and assist with the revision of inconsistent goals among stakeholders and how it can be used to build consistency in a future plan.