Abstract for: Analysis of a serious accident emergency drill with a simulation model

Studies of labour risks with simulation models can be categorized into two groups: those which analyze serious accidents to obtain applicable rules in the future, and those which analyze the rules and mechanisms of control of risks to simulate the functioning before potential accidents in order to identify and manage the necessary guidelines of prevention and course of action. Here we have an ex-post approach where we study the chain of events that have caused the accident to prevent it from repeating itself, and on the other hand we have an ex-ante approach that analyzes the complexity of the relations between the parts of the system that can give place to accidents and it simulates diverse strategies that allow to reduce the risk. Later it is described using a causal graph the system of prevention of labour risks of a generic company, and that same graph transforms itself in a model of simulation - in spite of handling qualitative variables - to simulate the effects that are produced in a serious emergency exercise.