Abstract for: Brazil Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

The annual business meeting will be divided into four parts: 1)introductions; 2) evaluation of the Brazilian presence in St. Gallen; 3) election of two new officers, one entailing a partial two-year term and the other a full 3-year term; and 4) discussion of plans for the near future. The official meeting (one hour) will be followed by a social gathering (over dinner at a local restaurant), where we will continue our conversations and networking. The Chapter will present a poster containing information about: membership, past activities and future plans. Past activities include the 2nd regional conference and an advanced-techniques workshop, both held in November of 2011. Future plans include efforts to consolidate and expand the group of Brazilians interested in System Dynamics, identify and promote works in Portuguese and/or works dealing with Brazilian issues. Near term future activities include participation in the X CLDS in Buenos Aires in November of 2012, as well as the organization and promotion of a smaller, high-quality event in Sao Paulo in the first semester of 2013. Other ongoing efforts include refinements and elaboration of our webpage, survey of bibliographical references and courses in System Dynamics in Brazil or in Portuguese, establishing institutional partnerships, and pursuing potential sponsors.