Abstract for: Biomedical SIG Poster Presentation, Roundtable and First Annual Meeting

In this two hour meeting, Dr. Ed Gallaher and Jim Rogers will continue a conversation among twenty individuals interested in biomedical system dynamics that was conducted in the 2011 conference in Washington. The Washington conversation created a list of approximately fifteen areas of study that would be of interest to the respective participants. It is our intent in this meeting to lay out the structure of the newly formed (February 2012) Biomedical System Dynamics Special Interest Group, to share methods and means of communication group members can use throughout the year, to establish our principles of operation, and to identify priorities. Practitioners interested in biomedical applications, with skill levels ranging from novice to master, are invited to attend and participate in this exciting new group. Our initial vehicle for communication is a linked in group named "Biomedical System Dynamics Special Interest Group". If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Ozge Karanfil at karanfil@MIT.EDU. Please direct other questions to Jim Rogers at Rogers.James@amgresults.com.