Abstract for: Students as System Thinkers: Scaling-up and Sustaining Innovations in Schools

Systems thinking/system dynamics (ST/SD) in K-12 education is on the rise. However, a consistent concern raised at training sessions and conferences is how to scale-up ST/SD beyond the individual teacher to reach an entire school or school district. To better understand the dynamics of scale-up of ST/SD, students co-facilitated a one-day group model building (GMB) workshop with teachers, administrators, funders, support staff, and parents. This poster presents the history, design, outcomes, and participant evaluations of the one- day workshop. Participants identified a number of potential barriers to scaling- up ST/SD in schools and prioritized potential actions by feasibility of implementation and likely impact. Specific interventions were developed. Evaluations and comments highlighted the overall success of the workshop and potential of incorporating GMB into K-12 education.