Abstract for: System Dynamics Analysis on a Management of Airline-Airport Coexistence with a Load Factor Guarantee

We discussed a management of Airline-Airport coexistence for a sustainable air transport system. Governments provide various financial supports for unprofitable regional airways when the airways are essential for local life and economy but providing inefficient subsidies are often criticized worldwide. This paper aims to examine the validity of Load Factor Guarantee (LFG) scheme in which an airline and an airport mutually agree with the load factor of a flight and the airport would compensate for the discrepancy between the actual and the agreed load factor. We analyzed the LFG management using the data of Noto Airport and All Nippon Airways (ANA) from 2005 to 2011. Examining several scenarios with System Dynamics, we found that LFG would be effective to maintain regional airways when combined with appropriate level of subsidy. The results illustrated that only having annual negotiation on a target load factor cannot balance the benefits between an airline and an airport and thus does not sustain the mutualism. Integral management of LFG and monthly demand adjustment is the key to success for the airline-airport coexistence. The SD model can be applicable to airways worldwide and contribute to better design and management of a regional air transport system.