Abstract for: The use of the Society's capacity development funding: the Brazilian Chapter experience

The members of this panel will overview the Society's policy that provides financial support for capacity development for its Chapters and discuss the first experience tapping on this resource. On November 14-15, 2011, the Brazilian Chapter promoted a two-day workshop on advanced techniques in System Dynamics, using Jay Forrester’s (1968) Market Growth Model as a platform for applied learning. Paulo Gonçalves, Associate Professor at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, served as the instructor. The participants had previous SD expertise and all regarded the workshop as valuable. Entry and exit questionnaires were collected and a workshop evaluation will be reported. The members of the panel will include Society Officers, the workshop instructor and organizers, and one or more of the workshop participants. We welcome a broad discussion on how this resource can be put to use most effectively to support regional chapters, particularly those outside of the main hubs of SD education and practice.