Abstract for: How can the Diffusion of Energy-Efficient Renovations be Accelerated? Policy Implications from a System Dynamics Modeling Study

We report on modeling work that shows how the market, technology, civil society and the state govern the diffusion of energy-efficient renovations in Switzerland’s stock of residential, multifamily buildings. The particular focus of this article is on the policy implications that we drew from an extensive System Dynamics modeling study. We conclude that energy efficiency is important yet not sufficient in order to reach the goals of a 1-ton-CO2-society by 2100. In addition to promoting energy efficiency, Switzerland should aim for a widespread decarbonization of heating systems. We discuss what kind of instruments can be used to address various intervention levers in order to accelerate the diffusion of energy-efficient renovations. We propose two regulations that could serve as a framework for ambitious long-term decarbonization efforts. And finally, we propose a service innovation that could assist building owners in complying with the ambitious regulations required.