Abstract for: Communicating Complexity in Indonesia’s Electricity Economics and Market Development Using System Dynamics Based Game

Fast growing electricity demand in Indonesia has threatened country’s economic development pace. However, government owned Electricity Company cannot cope with this growing demand. As a result they rely on Independent Power Producer (IPP) which harm government budget. In the mean time, government realizes this growing issue and tries to do something by building more power plants. On the other hand, their plan on building new coal and oil based power plant is meeting a lot of resistance from NGO and parliament. On top of it, government cannot afford continue funding electricity from IPP. The situation is increasingly become worse if government does nothing about the issue. Therefore, understanding and smooth communication is needed to provide solution for the issue. A system dynamics based game is built to foster communication between stakeholders, in order to help them visualize dynamics and feedback loop inside Indonesia’s electricity system. In the first development phase the game tested on group of students and showed good result on improving their understanding on current electricity issues.