Abstract for: A System Dynamics Bioeconomic Model for Ecologically Sustainable Economic Development in Coastal Ecosystems

Development of methodological tools of coupling human and natural systems is the main challenge of the emerging field of sustainability science. The current paper proposes a System Dynamics Bioeconomic Model (SDBM) of coupling urban and coastal systems under the environmental objectives imposed by the Water Framework Directive. We developed a SDBM that connects the pollutant loads produced by urban systemsí socioeconomic activities with biological quality elements reflecting the ecological condition of coastal ecosystems. This model enables quantitatively coupling of anthropogenic stressors (produced by the urban system) to the abundance of macrophytes (biological indicator of coastal system). Our case study focuses on the receiving waters of Athens Metropolitan area which is a typical example of a Mediterranean coastal city with high population density. This framework can inspire the development of other methodologies applicable to other types of ecosystems with different sources of pollution.