Abstract for: POLLEN learning lab to improve the public education system and PISA

The OECD groups 30 member countries committed to democracy and market economy that provides a unique forum for discussion, development and improvement of economic and social policies. OECD's mission is to promote policies designed to: To achieve a maximum possible expansion of economic growth and employment, and improved living standards of the member countries while maintaining financial stability and, thus, contribute to the development of world economy; Contribute to healthy and solid economic expansion in countries, both members and non-members who are in the process of economic development; To achieve this, given the results of public education in Mexico, we have taken the first steps to develop a new learning lab that helps us to visualize the impact of our decisions to improve the education system, and avoid the possible, the impact of the unintended consequences of changes in public education policy to be implemented in social, cultural, economic and ecological.