Abstract for: Designing and Analysis a Dynamic Model of World Class Manufacturing in Iranian Automotive Industry

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) has attracted the attention of many manufacturing industries and operation strategists. Lack of clarification of relationships among widely spreading elements of manufacturing process and poor attention to non-linearity and time delays, all are the main reasons that some companies may be far away from developing a comprehensive and advantageous model in a WCM system. The purpose of this paper is designing and analysis a dynamic Model of WCM system to develop a proper strategy which changing the current situation into a WCM situation would be possible in the future By the Dynamic Balanced scorecard (DBSC) methodology as well as clarifying deficiencies of classical balanced scorecard, a systematic model of WCM has been presented through causal loop and stock & flow diagrams. This research has been carried out as a case study in the Iran Khodro Co.(IKCO), We've used Vensim software for designing and analyzing our model after entering related data, parameters, and equations. Some strategies have been presented through analyzing the scenario and running the simulation model.