Abstract for: Dynamics of Strategic Initiatives and Expected Performance: An Application of Flexible Strategy Game-card

Business performance measurement and management has become a multi-million dollar industry. In the competitive and dynamic business environment, existing performance management frameworks have a limited mechanism to measure and manage the business dynamics. An evolving performance management framework named as flexible strategy game-card intends to support whole cycle of strategy formulation and execution and highlights to develop a integrated and dynamic view of performance management. This paper is an attempt to develop a system dynamics based performance management game taking flexible strategy game-card as a basis. This model has been developed in the context of one of the Indian telecom service provider firms. The performance measures have been identified on the basis of S-A-P-P (Situation-Actor-Process-Performance) framework, the causal links and feedback loops are identified, strategic initiatives and decisions have been identified. With the help of STELLA 9.1.4 software, a system dynamics based performance management game has been developed which helps the enterprise to analyze the impact of strategic initiatives on their performance and the likely coming performance results are being displayed. The model has been validated in a limited manner. The outcome is to provide a performance management model which helps to understand dynamics of strategic initiatives and expected performance.