Abstract for: UK Chapter Poster Presentation

2012: The UK Chapter has regular meetings in the UK, and annually at the international conference. In February we held the 2012 Annual Gathering, with a theme of 'Exploring Alternative Futures'. The event consisted of key-note speakers (Richard Stevenson, Emanuele Campiglio and Maurice Glucksman), a hands- on workshop using a simulation (led by Bob Thurlby and Kim Warren), an update on the latest software developments and the PhD poster session. Congratulations to the Symmetric Partnership who won the Steer-Davis Gleave prize for the best UK application of system dynamics. Our thrice-yearly evening networking events have continued. If you are based in the UK and not already on our membership list (membership is free) then please do join on our website and see what we have to offer. There are between 80 and 100 members active in SD in the UK and we have more than 400 people on our mailing list.