Abstract for: Water Cycle Analysis System Dynamics Model for Designing Optimal Water Reclamation Scheduling

A water cycle analysis System Dynamics model for designing an optimal reclaimed water production scheduling is proposed. A water cycle has various types of water flow and storage, so System Dynamics is suitable for modeling and simulating it. In addition, by using System Dynamics modeling software, various types of models for water cycle analysis can be modeled comparatively easily and used to design an optimal scheduling. The model must be able to analyze water quality and energies for water distribution and treatment as well as water flow and storage in order to schedule optimal production. It therefore consists of three components: water flow, water quality, and energy models. We constructed a water flow model that can handle various types of water flow. The Energy model computes the energy consumption of the pumps and blowers used in water distribution and water treatment systems, and the water quality model computes the water quality of treated wastewater and reclaimed water. Our constructed model was used to schedule water reclamation production to reduce the energy consumed during the water reclamation process and to ensure high quality of the reclaimed water. Simulation results showed that the proposed model is effective for designing an optimal scheduling.