Abstract for: Success Dynamics - a Concept for building System Dynamics Models as Decision Support within Strategic Management

Successful corporate action requires a comprehensive recognition of the relevant cause-effect relationships. In combination with the mental models of decision-makers, and as a complement to static instruments for business management, system dynamics simulation models provide valuable support. However, due to the usually experienced big effort and the demand of specific modelling knowledge the use of such models is not yet widespread within management. In order to give medium-sized companies in particular access to such simulation models, a practice-oriented concept was developed, enabling the design and implementation of system dynamics models as to support decision-making within strategic management. Within the framework of an empirical case-study, simulation models were developed for and implemented in four production companies. In order to make the modelling process as simple, efficient, effective and relevant as possible, a practical procedure was derived out of the case studies. This procedure describes the entire modelling process encompassing the initial process of structuring the mental models, the development of quantitative simulation models, as well as the analysis of various scenarios. The concept is based on generic model components, assembled to form a fundamental model structure (backbone) in order to facilitate and to accelerate the modelling process.