Abstract for: Russian Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

The Russian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society was created several years ago. The Chapter has taken up various activities in the sphere of SD in Russia and internationally. The members of Russian Chapter annually take part in major international conferences, such as International Conference of System Dynamics Society (Athens, Albuquerque, Seoul, Washington, DC), IMMOD, etc. In the year 2011 The Russian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society has become a member of the Federation of European Simulation Societies (EUROSIM). Today there is a certain interest in system dynamics and simulation modeling from both business and government organizations. We are ready to respond to these challenges in cooperation with our international colleagues. The chapter plans to carry out co-programs on simulation modeling and system dynamics, seminars and workshops, master degree programs, write monographs, and participate in some activities within the recently established National Simulation Modeling Society. Joint educational projects at the leading Russian universities and business schools, such as State University of Management, Moscow State University, Skolkovo projects, as well as international projects, are also planned. We welcome the members of System Dynamics Society to strengthen cooperation with the Russian Chapter and are ready to provide our support.