Abstract for: Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

The activities of the Swiss Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society are currently focused on the regular chapter meetings. Exchange opportunities are combined with special presentations of individual researchers and practitioners. A special interest is devoted to combinations with other modelling paradigms and/or other software packages to address complex problems. The PhD colloquium which is a unique opportunity in Switzerland for many PhD students using system dynamics in their research to share their work with other students and with peers will be continued. New initiatives are related to system dynamics in education. An intensified exchange in system dynamics with regard to education is expected to become a focal point in the activities of the Swiss chapter. To support this initiative our website has been made more interactive (www.systemdynamics-swisschapter.ch). However, it turned out that due to the small number of participants in Switzerland these interactive features are not used very frequently. As a consequence we think about linking more with other exchange platforms. Hosting the international conference in 2012 in Switzerland is a special event for our chapter and we are looking forward to many opportunities for fruitful exchange. Justus Gallati, Lukas Schmid (co-presidents of the Swiss chapter)