Abstract for: Economics Chapter Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting

The Economics Chapter annual meetings are dedicated to welcome new members, discuss the past years events and the coming year's themes, and to determine the new president elect. At the Washington DC conference, discussion centred on a implementing a model repository; assessing interest in a special issue on Economics for SDR; and improving communication between members by a collaborative newsletter. This year we will: 1. Introduce new members and catch up with current members. 2. Conduct the AGM business, appoint an 'executive committee' and new officers for the chapter. 3. Discuss the following important item: “Will economists ever embrace system dynamics? In other words, is there anything about system dynamics that is inherently anti-economics that would prevent economists from embracing it? Would there ever be such a subfield of economics called "system dynamics economics" or “feedback economics” (just like "behavioral economics").” 4. Discuss contributions for an edited book, provisionally called "Feedback Economics" linking System Dynamics and Economics. Bob Cavana, Mike Radzicki and David Wheat have agreed to be the co-editors of this special collection, which will include invited papers, ‘classical’ works and papers generated by an international ‘call for papers’.