Abstract for: The Wizard of Oz & System Dynamics' Application to System Test

Introducing System Dynamics(SD) to solve a complex problem is difficult in two ways: 1) modeling the problem behavior, and 2) selling this approach as a desirable alternative to past troubleshooting methods. Adding the new concept of SD to the problem-solving mix often results in resistance. The perception is that other solutions worked in the past and there isn't time to learn new methods. This classic Limited Growth Archetype is best managed by addressing the balancing loop factors that limit adoption of change. In other words, the change agent needs to identify opponents and change their minds. In this paper I suggest that there is another way: provide the concepts and lessons without recipients being aware. SD was introduced to a system test organization at a large corporation. The net result was the implementation of System Dynamic modeling behind the scenes so that test management and test leads used the results and had discussions with Engineering and Program Management without them being aware that those discussions were based on the SD problem-solving concept. This paper describes the approach that was used to introduce and apply SD tools to the system test process.