Abstract for: SD Model of Romeo and Juliet

Adaptation of SD mainly focuses on management and environment aspects, and successes to get enormous reputations from results. However, adaptation of SD is not limited on these areas, but disseminating to psychology and military science recently. Author believes such adaptation should be wider to other fields too. Continuous of such adaptation, this paper tries to build SD model for study literature with quantitative explanation and understanding. William Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” is one of best works in his early age. Similar story also looked in other literatures in other countries including works of Chikamatsu Monzaemon in Japan and opera Tristan and Isère. Added more, “Romeo and Juliet” was adapted to other forms of arts and literatures including Broadway musical “West Side Story”. However, adaptation of SD to literature is not so easy, specially literatures these focus winding nature of people such as “Macbeth” and “Othello”, in later works of Shakespeare, or describes people’s behavior on rational environment in works of Kafka and Murakami Haruki. SD Modeling of “Romeo and Juliet” is comparatively easy for avoid consideration of such difficulty, as author find. In this paper, author also discusses technical issues and way of thinking for modeling literature.