Abstract for: System Dynamics Based Perspective to Reliability Centered Maintenance

The paper proposes a System Dynamics model for manufacturing system with specific focus on studying the influence of dynamic responses of machine failure on the production system. Machine failures affect adversely inventory levels, backlogs, and production costs. Simulation results in this research have depicted that a reduction in failure rate increases the production rate, decreases the work in progress, reduces the production costs, and results in a considerable decrease in the backlog levels. Even though these outcomes are obvious to some extent, the prediction on how the variance occurs is of specific interest to the manufacturers, so as to optimize the production process. Model validation has been carried out by superimposing the actual values on the predicted and the variation is well within the range. A flow chart has been developed for effective maintenance strategy based on Reliability Centered Maintenance, and also, Root Cause Analysis undertaken in this research has identified the bottlenecks of manufacturing which has lead to the suggestions for improvement.