Abstract for: An Application of System Dynamics in Electricity Supply Systems: Case of Yazd Regional Electricity Company in Iran

Due to the existing complexities in the new energy systems, energy programming is known as an essential task for the governments in different countries. Among different techniques in energy programming, system dynamics is a valuable technique in the simulation of complex systems and analysis of their existing dynamism. In this paper, the electricity generation system is considered as a comprehensive dynamic model to analyze the results of different scenarios and policies. The effectiveness of the model in handling the dynamism of the system and analyzing the policies is validated with a real case in province of Yazd in Iran. For this purpose, 5 different scenarios and policies are analyzed based on different technical, economical and environmental indices. The results show that the balanced growth and the environment-oriented policies have represented the best results among different policies. Even though the application is to the Iranian Case, the implications are much wider, especially in developing countries.