Abstract for: Learning with Loops: Applying Feedback to Teaching System Dynamics to Undergraduates

This paper examines the effectiveness of different delivery methods for teaching System Dynamics to undergraduate engineering students. The paper presents the findings from a survey of the learning styles of the student population and compares that to the current breakdown of the course content by learning style. It presents the findings of several classroom assessment techniques that were conducted over the course of a semester to evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery methods utilized in the course. The classroom assessment techniques focused on an evaluation of the effectiveness of readings, lectures, labs, and case studies in teaching the material. Additionally, students participated in two self-confidence surveys mid-semester and at the end of the semester, which evaluated their confidence in their ability to accomplish the course objectives and the content delivery methods. Based on this evaluation, the paper presents recommendations for improving the content delivery methods of the course to take advantage of the student populationís learning styles.