Abstract for: Policy Agenda Setting Process and Causal Map Analysis: a case of the Green Growth in Korea

Recently there has been a dramatic increase in worldwide attention to environmental issues based on climate change and global warming. This effort has resulted in advances toward a new paradigm, 'sustainable development'. Especially, ‘Green Growth’ has risen as a new alternative to earlier problems. Korea has focused on the Green Growth, and several plans have been presented by the current administrations. The main purpose of this study is to find what steps are included in the agenda setting process of the Green Growth in Korea, using both time series analysis and system thinking approach. To conduct a time series analysis, the paper examines articles of newspaper and government reports. And, to build a causal map, the speech of current president of Korea is analyzed. The study concludes that the political consideration has played a major role in the policy agenda-setting process of Green Growth in Korea. In addition, it is identified that causal map analysis, as a qualitative approach, can complement the existing method for analyzing the policy agenda setting process.