Abstract for: Education Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting

The SDS Education SIG continues to pursue its twin interests in publicising and enhancing both the contribution of SD to Education Management and the evolution of the contribution of SD to the curriculum - in both cases the interest spans the whole span of education from K-12 to Higher Education. This year’s roundtable/annual business meeting is the place to come to discuss substantive education issues, whether you are part of the Education SIG or simply exploring possibilities. The Ed SIG is establishing an agenda which embraces both elementary and secondary education and high education. We also deal with both management and public policy issues. We will continue working on the intellectual and operational challenges to system dynamics of the PK-20+ concept of lifelong learning from prekindergarten to continuing adult education, reaching beyond the usual silos separating the domains. Come tell us what you are working on, or just ask questions.