Abstract for: Security/Military/Insurgency/Terrorism (SMITe) Roundtable

Modeling strategic and tactical issues in the Security, Military, Insurgency, and Terrorism domains presents special problems for modelers and analysts. Concerns about confidentiality, problem uncertainty, data availability, theory adequateness, and inter-organizational conflicts all contribute to the modeling challenge. Additionally, once models are crafted, their distribution is often restricted and the dissemination of insights is limited to particular sponsors. The SMITe roundtable provides a forum for modelers interested in the challenges of this modeling domain and that are willing to share insights from their experience in past and current projects through an open dialog concerning elements such as: •Establishing the problem boundary and choice of modeling paradigm; •Using SD to identify critical scenarios for expert examination; •Eliciting and capturing expert insight from confidential data; •Modeling problems that span the multiple organizations responsible for security; •Creating and disseminating open models; •Publishing opportunities in security research. The participants at this year’s meeting will help set the agenda for the SMITe Thread and its associated special interest groups activities. We look forward to seeing you at the roundtable.